Naive Blogger

Wow! How naive am I? I always thought that the comments to blogs were live and unvetted and I have had my first reply to a blog and I get to approve or trash it. I can understand that it is needed if you have someone who is a serial pain and writing rubbish on your page but then again I feel a little betrayed, like when I found out that Wikipedia was not secure research based information.

I always thought that in a blog I would see real debate on topics and opinions but this is only if the blogger allows that type of interaction on their site. Ah my bubble has been burst and I need to make sure that I now take blogs on face value based on my own research.


First time blogger

As part of the AMPeL 2 course we have to create a blog. This is my first attempt to create a blog and post! Very exciting. Anyone have any first timer tips or hints?