Professional Networks via Social Media is the Key

I have only recently (last 6 months) been introduced to the concept of online professional networks via social media and I am a convert. I have created my own Facebook Group, Diigo community and Twitter site and the more I utilize these forms of social media for professional learning, the more amazed I am of the content that I can access.

In the area of Health and PE, educators from across the globe all have the same wants and needs. 1. For schools and Principals to acknowledge that physical activity is vital to learning. 2. That ICT is a key method of engagement for students and how do I keep them active while at the same time embracing technology?3. How do I fit health  and PE into an already crowded curriculum?4. How do I get other teachers on board the advocacy train?

Social media is an awesome way to keep in touch with what is happening globally in this space and it gives me new ideas (research, data) but more importantly it let’s me know that I am not alone out there, that there are hundreds if not thousands of others who are just as passionate about health and PE and kids as I am and that feels good.

Check out @achpernt on twitter and #achper #pegeeks


Connectivism – My thoughts

Connectivism is knowledge that is grown somewhat like a plant. Imagine that a thought is planted like a seed and its roots branch off to ideas and experiences we currently have in the soil, which link and make connections which are the basis of our learning. Any new thoughts that need nurturing, shoot from the soil seeking further information so that it can create new branches, new networks of knowledge to lay foundation for greater depth of understanding. Like a tree this knowledge has solid foundations (roots) which allows the knowledge to move and grow and change in order to build greater networks of knowledge (branches, stems and leaves).