8 Learning Management Questions?

The 8 learning management questions are questions that we as teachers ask ourselves all the time they are certainly not something new. How we think about our answers to the questions in relation to our 21st century learners is what has changed.

It all comes back to evaluation, planning, teaching, assessment and reporting and making sure that we know where we are at with each of these aspects of our practice is what is vitally important.Teaching is and always has been an evolutionary process, where we reflect on what has gone well and what was a huge flop and learn from these mistakes.

The best advice I give to any new teacher is to embrace change, have your teaching toolbox full of ideas/methods and never fear to ask for help because inevitably someone else has had the same issue/problem at sometime and there are plenty of solutions out there.

I love that I am not expected to be the broker of all information and see myself as the artist who encourages students to connect and make real their experiences so that information becomes knowledge that is valuable to them. Students provide the best honest feedback and I value their opinion of my teaching. Simple questions such as; What did you learn? What did you enjoy the most and why? What didn’t you enjoy and why? How could the unit be improved?

I have used these evaluations with classes from Year 7 to Year 10 and we had to have initial conversations about the purpose of the evaluations but when students realized that this information would shape their further studies, they were very open and honest with their feedback which didn’t just include their dislike of assignments or group work!


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