Naive Blogger

Wow! How naive am I? I always thought that the comments to blogs were live and unvetted and I have had my first reply to a blog and I get to approve or trash it. I can understand that it is needed if you have someone who is a serial pain and writing rubbish on your page but then again I feel a little betrayed, like when I found out that Wikipedia was not secure research based information.

I always thought that in a blog I would see real debate on topics and opinions but this is only if the blogger allows that type of interaction on their site. Ah my bubble has been burst and I need to make sure that I now take blogs on face value based on my own research.


One thought on “Naive Blogger

  1. Indeed that every comment must be filtered by the owners of the blog. Sometimes, people just publish spam (which you can see from your comment dashboard). Most spams are filtered by WordPress but sometimes, they get out so its up to the users to see which is spam and which isn’t. Another reason is that sometimes, people may contribute to discussions but do so in a bad way like cursing and bad-mouthing people. When that happens, the blog owners have a say on whether or not they want to allow such profanities on his/her site.

    As for Wikipedia, it definitely is not a secure place to conduct research. In fact, if you did your thesis or article based on even one information on Wikipedia, people will call that thesis or article rubbish and probably will stop reading halfway. That is one of the problems for teachers today as students are always quoting Wikipedia. Best thing to do is to track back the source of information from Wikipedia in their references section if there is a reference. Most people just write what they know and most of what people know are sometimes flawed. Author is always important in referencing in a scholarly work and that is the problem with Wikipedia. There is no official or qualified author listed. For all we know, a 12 year old boy wrote that Wikipedia page about astrophysics. It could happen.

    You definitely have the promise to be a good blogger. I suggest you try and delve the art of blogging even more so that you become really good at it. It took me a while to get my current and most successful blog up. I had tested with MySpace Blog, Blogger and some other blog services but ended up liking WordPress. For you to start blogging with WordPress is really lucky.

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